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Paper: Projective Transform Techniques to Reconstruct the 3-D Structure and the Temporal Evolution of Solar Polar Plumes
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 377
Authors: Llebaria, A.; Thernisien, A.; Lamy, P.
Abstract: A sequence of 400 images obtained over three days with the C2-LASCO/SOHO coronagraph was used to disentangle the complex evolution of the structures observed on the corona of the Sun's North pole. Projective transforms were used to find and delimit the elusive linear structures on each image (< 1:1 of SNR). From frame to frame, these structures show strong brightness variations as well as lateral shifts which are linked to rotation of the Sun. Taking advantage of solar corona rotation as a rigid body (of ~28 days period), we are able to extract short sinograms to obtain a 3-D reconstruction with few hypotheses. The whole procedure is described, emphasizing the role of the bilinear transform as a new tool in this process.
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