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Paper: A Japan-U.S. Educational Collaboration: Using the Telescopes in Education (TIE) Program via Intelsat
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 115
Authors: Shopbell, P. L.; Hsu, E.; Kadowaki, N.; Clark, G.
Abstract: In 1993, a proposal at the Japan-U.S. Science, Technology, and Space Applications Program (JUSTSAP) workshop lead to a series of satellite communications experiments and demonstrations, under the title of the Trans-Pacific High Data Rate Satellite Communications Experiments. These experiments were designed to explore and develop satellite communications techniques, standards, and protocols in order to determine how best to incorporate satellite links with fiber optic cables to form high performance global telecommunications networks. This paper describes a remote astronomy experiment executed during the second phase of this program, which established a ground- and space-based network between Japan and several sites in the U.S. This network was used by students, scientists, and educators to provide real-time interaction and collaboration with an automated 14-inch telescope and associated data archive. We find that such networking can provide educators and students with a unique collaborative environment which greatly enhances the educational experience.
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