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Paper: The CARMA Data Viewer
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 82
Authors: Pound, M. W.; Hobbs, R.; Scott, S.
Abstract: The CARMA Data Viewer (CDV) is a CORBA and Java based real-time data viewer for radio interferometric arrays. CDV was designed to solve the problem of a common data viewer for interferometric observatories (the Berkeley-Illinois-Maryland Association array and the Owens Valley Radio Observatory array) with differing visibility data (amplitude and phase) formats and differing hardware and technical specifications. In the coming years, the BIMA and OVRO arrays are to be merged into a common array called CARMA. We chose CORBA because it is available on many platforms with bindings for many programming languages, enabling remote object support in a heterogeneous computing environment. We chose Java for its cross-platform support and its rich set of lightweight graphical objects, in particular the JTable. Because of its observatory-independent data model built on top of CORBA, CDV can in principle be used with any interferometer (e.g., SMA, ALMA, VLT).
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