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Paper: See Spike Run... Run, Spike, Run
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 168
Authors: Zimmerman, L.
Abstract: No, Spike is not man's best friend, but it is one the best friends that our planning and scheduling teams have. Spike (Science Planning Integrated Knowledge Environment), is an integral part of the HST planning and scheduling system. It provides long range planning information to the scheduling team; it provides bright object, timing, and orientation information to the observation planning team; and it provides graphical description of the observations and their constraints. In testing Spike, we verify that Spike retains the knowledge of all of its old tricks, as well as the new ones. In other words, with each release of HST Spike we have to verify all or some combination of the functions Spike performs. Here, we present our strategies for regression testing the following functions of Spike: generating graphical observation descriptions, generating alerts for bright objects, relating timing and orientation link information, and long-range planning.
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