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Paper: DISCoS---Detector-Independent Software for On-Ground Testing and Calibration of Scientific Payloads Using the ESA Packet Telemetry and Telecommand Standards
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 245
Authors: Gianotti, F.; Trifoglio, M.
Abstract: The ESA Packet Telemetry and Telecommand Standards satisfy the requirements of a great variety of scientific space missions, thus providing a standard basis for cost-effective and technically compatible developments of on-board and on-ground data handling systems for a wide range of projects. This paper describes the design and the implementation of detector-independent software, running on Unix platforms, for near real-time acquisition, archiving, and basic processing of ESA-based telemetry and telecommand data produced during on-ground testing and calibration of various space-borne X- and gamma-ray detectors.
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