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Paper: ATV: An Image-Display Tool for IDL
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 385
Authors: Barth, A. J.
Abstract: The IDL language offers a powerful environment for reduction and analysis of astronomical data. While there are numerous libraries of publicly available IDL routines, one major drawback has been the lack of an image-display program optimized for viewing astronomical images. ATV is a display program written entirely in IDL and designed to emulate the SAOimage and DS9 programs. It works equally well under the Unix, Linux, Windows, and MacOS versions of IDL, and includes features such as interactive control of color stretch, zoom, and image scaling; image blinking; and creation of publication-quality PostScript output. It also includes a simple photometry package suitable for quick-look reductions. The program is freely available via the Internet.
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