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Paper: ESO C Library for an Image Processing Software Environment (eclipse)
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 525
Authors: Devillard, N.
Abstract: Written in ANSI C, eclipse is a library offering numerous services related to astronomical image processing: FITS data access, various image and cube loading methods, binary image handling and filtering (including convolution and morphological filters), 2-D cross-correlation, connected components, cube and image arithmetic, dead pixel detection and correction, object detection, data extraction, flat-fielding with robust fit, image generation, statistics, photometry, image-space resampling, image combination, and cube stacking. It also contains support for mathematical tools like random number generation, FFT, curve fitting, matrices, fast median computation, and point-pattern matching. The main feature of this library is its ability to handle large amounts of input data (up to 2 GB in the current version) regardless of the amount of memory and swap available on the local machine. Another feature is the very high speed allowed by optimized C, making it an ideal base tool for programming efficient number-crunching applications, e.g., on parallel (Beowulf) systems. Running on all Unix-like platforms, eclipse is portable. A high-level interface to Python is foreseen that would allow programmers to prototype their applications much faster than through C programs.
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