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Paper: The Networked Telescope: Progress Toward a Grid Architecture for Pipeline Processing
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 279
Authors: Plante, R.; Mehringer, D.; Guillaume, D. R.; Crutcher, R.
Abstract: Pipeline processing systems for modern telescopes are widely considered critical for addressing the problem of ever increasing data rates; however, routine use of fully automated processing systems may discourage the typical user from exploring processing parameter space or trying out new techniques. This issue might be particularly important with regard to radio interferometer data in which the post-calibration processing required to create an image for scientific analysis is not well defined. We describe our architecture for the BIMA Image Pipeline which attempts to address this issue. The pipeline by default is automated and uses NCSA supercomputers to carry out the processing; however, as we further develop the system, we will progressively add tools that enable the astronomer to guide the automated processing. This same system can also be used by the astronomer to create new processing projects using data from the archive. We report our progress on this system, highlighting the design features that allow for greater user interaction, including a research-oriented data model, web-based portal interfaces, and use of the AIPS++ toolkit. The ultimate goal is to evolve the system into a flexible, computational grid for processing radio interferometer data.
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