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Paper: An Extragalactic Point Source Simulator for SIRTF Pipeline Testing
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 329
Authors: Kolhatkar, S.; Fang, F.; Moshir, M. M.
Abstract: We designed and developed a package which simulates extragalactic point source data within a given field of view and SIRTF band. Our method uses input empirical relations, such as known luminosity functions and galaxy spectral energy distribution templates. It also uses instrument filter information to produce a list of sources, their redshifts, positions, and fluxes. The output fluxes in the specified band are based on the user-specified luminosity and redshift evolution modes. We designed the simulator so that the empirical input and filter information can be easily modified. The simulator is modular and extensible to enable multi-wavelength simulations, has been optimized by utilizing parallel processing capabilities, and will be used to test pipeline software.
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