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Paper: Hands-On Universe: A Global Program for Education and Public Outreach in Astronomy
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 103
Authors: Boër, M.; Thiébaut, C.; Pack, H.; Pennypaker, C.; Isaac, M.; Melchior, A.-L.; Faye, S.; Ebisuzaki, T.
Abstract: Hands-On Universe (HOU) is an educational program that enables students to investigate the Universe while applying tools and concepts from science, math, and technology. Using the Internet, HOU participants around the world request observations from an automated telescope, download images from a large image archive, and analyze them with the aid of user-friendly image processing software. This program is now in many countries, including the USA, France, Germany, Sweden, Japan, and Australia. A network of telescopes has been established, many of them remotely operated. Students in the classroom are able to make night observations during the day, using a telescope in another country. An archive of images taken on large telescopes is also accessible, as well as resources for teachers. Students deal with real research projects, e.g., the search for asteroids, which resulted in the discovery of a Kuiper Belt object by high-school students. Not only does Hands-On Universe give the general public access to professional astronomy, it also demonstrates the use of a complex automated system, data processing techniques, and automation. Using telescopes located in many countries over the globe, a powerful and genuine cooperation between teachers and children from various countries is promoted, with a clear educational goal.
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