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Paper: The ALADIN Survey Integrator
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 74
Authors: Bonnarel, F.; Fernique, P.; Genova, F.; Bienaymé, O.; Egret, D.
Abstract: ALADIN is a powerful tool for data interpretation, which allows one to integrate survey images and catalogues with reference information from SIMBAD, NED, VizieR, and with images from observatory archives. Recent evolution of the ALADIN software and of the image database are presented. The main facts are the following: - The AladinJava standalone version has been distributed, allowing one to use local catalogues and images as input with the full functionalities of ALADIN; - AladinJava is now able to decompress images in the hcompress format. Decompression for multi-resolution compressed images is also currently included in collaboration with the CEA; - The image database now includes the whole DSS2 set (Red and Blue) in addition to the previously implemented DSS1 and MAMA images; - The server is now fully rewritten in order to allow access to a larger heterogeneity of survey images. 2MASS and then DENIS images will soon be implemented in the system.
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