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Paper: An Enhanced Data Flow Scheme to Boost Observatory Mine-ability and Archive Interoperability
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 148
Authors: Micol, A.; Amico, P.
Abstract: The major astronomical observatories in the world, Gemini, HST, VLT, NGST, etc, invested or plan to invest large amount of human resources and money to build archive facilities that support their data flow. The classical Data Flow Scheme allows its users (calibration/quality control scientists, principal investigators, archive scientists) simple files retrieval and access to basic ambient and calibration data, leaving other valuable information totally unexplored. Is there more to exploit in a large data archive/data flow? Is it possible to improve the Data Flow Scheme in order to foster the mine-ability of an archive, making, at the same time, the every day life of the quality control scientist easier? What are the common missing steps for an archive/observatory to be miner-ready? We will answer all these questions and suggest a newer approach for a data flow scheme, where the Data Quality and the Archive can be seen as two different clients of the same sub-system: the Observatory Data Warehouse.
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