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Paper: Extending the XImtool Display Server Using Components
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 261
Authors: Fitzpatrick, M.; Tody, D.
Abstract: The IRAF display server, XImtool, has been enhanced to allow arbitrary custom components to be dynamically integrated, permitting the functionality of the main display server program to be extended in arbitrary ways with no change to the core program. Components may include both computational and GUI elements; new components are interfaced as named instances of the Widget Server Client class and are fully integrated into the base server using messaging. The compiled portion of a component executes as an external process, allowing components to be written in any language or to use any existing resources. To illustrate the use of this facility, an example is shown that provides real-time pixel value and WCS display using direct access to the actual disk image used to load the display.
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