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Paper: Deconvolution of ``Drizzled'' and Rotated HST/WFPC2 Images: Faint-object Photometry in Crowded Fields
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 431
Authors: Butler, R. F.; Golden, A.; Shearer, A.
Abstract: We have further adapted our deconvolution-based HST/WF-PC2 reduction techniques, which our simulations have shown to be very effective in crowded fields (Butler 2000), to take advantage of the extra resolution afforded by ``dithered'' observations. This appears to be the first attempt at non-linear restorations of data which had already been sub-sampled and combined in a linear manner using the STSDAS/drizzle software, thus attaining a net subsampling factor of 4×4. The motivation was a search for the optical counterpart of the millisecond pulsar PSR B1821-24 in the globular cluster M28; the technique is illustrated by our photometric search for candidates in the radio-derived error circle, in archival HST/WFPC2 images in both the F555W & F814W bands of the core field of M28.
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