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Paper: The PyRAF Graphics System
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 59
Authors: de La Peña, M. D.; White, R. L.; Greenfield, P.
Abstract: This paper describes the features, plans, and design for PyRAF graphics. PyRAF is an alternative CL for IRAF based on Python. Since IRAF tasks depend on the CL to manage all graphics, any CL replacement must implement a means of handling IRAF graphics. We have developed graphics kernels for PyRAF written completely in Python that are capable of working with IRAF graphics tasks (including interactive tasks). We have added capabilities such as multiple graphics windows, a scrollable message input/output region, ability to recall previous plots and ``undo'' features, and automatic focus handling. The design of the PyRAF graphics system makes use of Python's object-oriented features. We describe the design employed to isolate the details of IRAF's underlying graphics system from PyRAF, making it easier to support multiple kernels, including the ability to use the IRAF Graphics kernel tasks.
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