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Paper: Immersive 4-D Interactive Visualization of Large-Scale Simulations
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 499
Authors: Teuben, P. J.; Hut, P.; Levy, S.; Makino, J.; McMillan, S.; Portegies Zwart, S.; Shara, M.; Emmart, C.
Abstract: In dense clusters a bewildering variety of interactions between stars can be observed, ranging from simple encounters to collisions and other mass-transfer encounters. With faster and special-purpose computers like GRAPE, the amount of data per simulation is now exceeding 1 TB. Visualization of such data has now become a complex 4-D data-mining problem, combining space and time, and finding interesting events in these large datasets. We have recently starting using the virtual reality simulator, installed in the Hayden Planetarium in the American Museum for Natural History, to tackle some of these problem. This work reports on our first ``observations,'' modifications needed for our specific experiments, and perhaps field ideas for other fields in science which can benefit from such immersion. We also discuss how our normal analysis programs can be interfaced with this kind of visualization.
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