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Paper: PICsIM -- the INTEGRAL/IBIS/PICsIT Observation Simulation Tool for Prototype Software Evaluation
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 144
Authors: Stephen, J. B.; Foschini, L.
Abstract: The INTEGRAL satellite is an observatory-class gamma-ray telescope due for launch in early 2002. It comprises two main instruments, one optimised for imaging (IBIS) and the other for spectroscopy (SPI). The PICsIT telescope is the high energy (150 keV - 10 MeV) plane of the IBIS imager and consists of 8 individual modules of 512 detection elements. The modules are arranged in a 4 x 2 pattern, while the pixels are in a 16 x 32 array. This layout, which includes a dead area equivalent to one pixel width between each module, together with the event selection procedure, which (in standard mode) does not allow the identification of coincidences between separate modules, leads to a non-uniformity of the background which is significantly different for single-site events and for multiple energy deposits. Other sources of background variations range from the separate low energy detector, situated immediately above the PICsIT plane, to the large mass of the SPI telescope at a short distance to one side. The algorithms for performing all the imaging and spectral deconvolution for PICsIT are currently being produced for delivery to the INTEGRAL Science Data Centre. In order to maximise the information which may be extracted from the PICsIT data, we have designed a prototyping environment which consists of a GUI to a highly structured and modular set of procedures which allows the easy simulation of observations from the data collection phase through to the final image production and analysis.
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