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Paper: GIGAWULF: Powering the Isaac Newton Group's Data Pipeline
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 287
Authors: Greimel, R.; Walton, N. A.; Abrams, D. C.; Irwin, M. J.; Lewis, J. R.
Abstract: The Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes (ING) is currently implementing a unified data flow and processing system to support all its astronomical instrumentation systems. The ING data infrastructure is tightly integrated, encompassing the initial data acquisition, pipeline processing and subsequent archiving and distribution of raw and processed data products. In this paper we describe Gigawulf--a Beowulf cluster based on commodity PCs running Linux--which provides cost effective processing power for the ING's image data pipeline processing. The configuration and performance of Gigawulf is discussed. The operation of the data pipeline on the cluster together with the integration of the Gigawulf pipeline processor system with the DVD-R tower archiving system is detailed.
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