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Paper: INES: The Next Generation Astronomical Data Distribution System
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 156
Authors: González-Riestra, R.; Solano, E.; Talavera, A.; Rodríguez, F.; García, J.; Martínez, J.; Montesinos, B.; Sanz, L.; de La Fuente, A. J.; Skillen, I.; Ponz, J. D.; Wamsteker, W.
Abstract: The IUE Archive was the first astronomical archive to be made accessible on-line, back in 1985, when the World Wide Web didn't even exist. The archive stores more than 110000 spectra which span nearly two decades of Ultraviolet Astronomy. The IUE Newly Extracted Spectra System (INES), a complete astronomical archive and its associated data distribution system, was developed with the goal of delivering IUE data to the scientific community in a simple and efficient form. Data distribution is structured into three levels: a Principal Centre at LAEFF (Laboratory for Space Astronomy and Theoretical Physics, owned by the Spanish National Institute for Aerospace Technology) and its Mirror at CADC, a number of National Hosts (currently 22), and an unlimited number of end users. The INES Principal Centre can be reached at
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