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Paper: Software Engineering Practices for the ESO VLT Programme
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 199
Authors: Filippi, G.; Sivera, P.; Carbognani, F.
Abstract: With the first light of its fourth telescope unit, the European Southern Observatory is successfully completing the commissioning of the main telescopes of the Very Large Telescope program, featuring four 8-meter telescopes. Two of these are already available to the scientific community. The VLT Software Control group is proud of the fact that VLT commissioning has never suffered delays due to software. A decisive factor in achieving this was the use of software engineering practices, and this paper reports on the experiences of applying these practices to the VLT Control Software and building the group culture as a simple but effective set of standards and tools. Main areas of interest are analysis and design methodology and tools, software configuration control, software testing, problem reporting and tracking, and documentation. The paper will also discuss what didn't work and changes that are needed and planned.
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