Title: The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Volume: 368 Year: 2007 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Heinzel, Petr; Dorotovic, Ivan; Rutten, Robert J.
In 2006 the Observatorio Astronomico de Universidade de Coimbra in Portugal celebrated the 80th anniversary of the first spectroheliographic observations in Coimbra through organizing an international solar physics meeting on the solar chromosphere. It started with a historical session commemorating the work of Professor Francisco Costa Lobo (1864–1945) who installed the Coimbra spectroheliograph during the 1920s.

These proceedings provide a comprehensive overview of current research on solar chromospheric plasmas. The different parts address:

(I) History,
(II) Structure and Dynamics of the Solar Chromosphere,
(III) Active Regions and Sunspots,
(IV) Prominences and Filaments,
(V) Chromospheric Flares,
(VI) Long-term Solar Variations,
(VII) Solar Physics Instrumentation.

The book is intended for researchers and graduate students interested in solar physics.

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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 368 Cover Heinzel, P.; Dorotovic, I.; Rutten, R.J.; Garcia, A.
Front Matter   
Volume 368 Front Matter 1 Heinzel, P.; Dorotovic, I.; Rutten, R.J.
Conference Photo   
Volume 368 Conference Photograph 2 Heinzel, P.; Dorotovic, I.; Rutten, R.J.
Part 1.
Eightieth Anniversary of Solar Physics at Coimbra 3 Mouradian, Z.; Garcia, A.
Improvement of the Coimbra Spectroheliograph (1988 – 1992) 15 Buale, I.; Mouradian, Z.; Schmieder, B.
Spectroheliographic Observations in Madrid (1912 – 1917) 17 Vaquero, J.M.; Gallego, M.C.; Acero, F.J.; Garcia, J.A.
ESMN in Memoriam (1998 – 2006) 21 Rutten, R.J.
Part 2.
Structure and Dynamics of the Solar Chromosphere
Observing the Solar Chromosphere 27 Rutten, R.J.
Modeling the Solar Chromosphere 49 Carlsson, M.
High-Resolution Observations and Numerical Simulations of Chromospheric Fibrils and Mottles 65 De Pontieu, B.; Hansteen, V.H.; Rouppe van der Voort, L.; van Noort, M.; Carlsson, M.
New Models of the Solar Chromosphere and Transition Region fromSUMER Observations 81 Avrett, E.H.
What is Heating the Quiet-Sun Chromosphere? 93 Wedemeyer-Boehm, S.; Steiner, O.; Bruls, J.; Rammacher, W.
Non-Equilibrium Hydrogen Ionization in the Solar Atmosphere 103 Leenaarts, J.; Wedemeyer-Boehm, S.; Carlsson, M.; Hansteen, V.H.
3D Numerical Models of the Chromosphere, Transition Region, and Corona 107 Hansteen, V.H.; Carlsson, M.; Gudiksen, B.
Temporal Variations in Fibril Orientation 115 Koza, J.; Suetterlin, P.; Kucera, A.; Rybak, J.
2D Observation of a Small Active Region in Hα 119 Gueltekin, A.; Bostanc., Z.F.; Al Erdogan, N.
Temporal Evolution of Mottles in Hα 123 Bostanci, Z.F.; Al Erdogan, N.
Acoustic Shocks in the Quiet Solar Chromosphere 127 Cauzzi, G.; Reardon, K.P.; Vecchio, A.; Janssen, K.; Rimmele, T.
Propagating Waves in the Chromospheric Network 133 Goemoery, P.; Rybak, J.; Kucera, A.; Curdt, W.; Woehl, H.
Chromospheric and Transition-Region Dynamics in Plage 137 de Wijn, A.G.; DePontieu, B.; Rutten, R.J.
The Ca II Infrared Triplet Lines as Diagnostics of Chromospheric Magnetism 139 Pietarila, A.; Socas-Navarro, H.; Bogdan, T.
Chromospheric Spectrometry at High Spatial Resolution 145 Langangen, Ø Carlsson, M.; Rouppe van der Voort, L.; Hansteen, V.H.; De Pontieu, B.
Observations and Simulations of Ca IIH and Ca II 8662 147 Rammacher, W.; Schmidt, W.; Hammer, R.
Comparison of Ca IIK and Ca II 8542Ă… Images 151 Reardon, K.P.; Cauzzi, G.; Rimmele, T.
Scattering Polarization of the Ca II Infrared Triplet as Diagnostic of the Quiet Solar Chromosphere 155 Manso Sainz, R.; Trujillo Bueno, J.
TheMagnetic Field of Solar Chromospheric Spicules 161 Trujillo Bueno, J.; Ramelli, R.; Merenda, L.; Bianda, M.
A User-Friendly Code to Diagnose Chromospheric Plasmas 163 Asensio Ramos, A.; Trujillo Bueno, J.
Multiwavelength Analysis of a Quiet Solar Region 171 Tsiropoula, G.; Tziotziou, K.; Giannikakis, J.; Young, P.; Schuehle, U.; Heinzel, P.
On the Dynamic Nature of the Prolate Chromosphere 177 Filippov, B.; Koutchmy, S.; Vilinga, J.
EUNIS Results on He II 304Å Line Formation 183 Jordan, S.D.; Brosius, J.W.
Trapped Eigenoscillations in the Lower Solar Atmosphere: Is there a Resonant Coupling? 187 Erdelyi, R.; Fedun, V.; Malins, C.; Pinter, B.
A Post-MHD for the Solar Atmosphere 193 Callebaut, D.K.
Stellar Atmospheres and the Diamagnetic Effect 197 Farbiash, N.; Steinitz, R.
Part 3.
Active Regions and Sunspots
Semiempirical Models of Solar and Stellar Active Chromospheres 203 Mauas, P.
Chromospheric Cloud-Model Inversion Techniques 217 Tziotziou, K.
Observations of Running Waves in a Sunspot Chromosphere 239 Bloomfield, D.S.; Lagg, A.; Solanki, S.K.
Some Structural Properties of Solar Magnetic Fields 245 Ioshpa, B.; Mogilevskii, E.; Obridko, V.
OVI and H2 Lines in Sunspots 247 Labrosse, N.; Morgan, H.; Habbal, S.R.; Brown, D.
Models of the Large Scale Corona: Formation, Evolution and Lift-Off ofMagnetic Flux Ropes 251 Mackay, D.H.; van Ballegooijen, A.A.
Spectrophotometry of Ellerman Bombs with THEMIS 253 Pariat, E.; Schmieder, B.; Berlicki, A.; Lopez Ariste, A.
Horizontal Motion in the Vicinity of Sunspots 259 Sobotka, M.; Roudier, T.
Chromospheric Activity in K Stars 265 Vieytes, M.; Mauas, P.; Cincunegui, C.; Diaz, R.
Part 4.
Prominences and Filaments
The Fine Structure of Solar Prominences 271 Heinzel, P.
Unveiling the Magnetic Field Topology of Prominences 291 Lopez Ariste, A.; Aulanier, G.
Radiative Transfer in Prominence Fine Structure as a Multi-Component Atmosphere 307 Ajabshirizadeh, A.; Ebadi, H.
Polarimetric Properties of the D2 Lines of Alkali Atoms 311 Belluzzi, L.; Landi Degl'Innocenti, E.; Trujillo Bueno, J.
Prominence Parameters from 2D Modeling of Lyman Lines Measured with SUMER 317 Gunar, S.; Heinzel, P.; Schmieder, B.; Anzer, U.
Imaging of the HeD3/Hβ Emission Ratio in Quiescent Solar Prominences 321 321 Hirzberger, J.; Wiehr, E.; Stellmacher, G.
White-Light Emission of Solar Prominences 325 Jejcic, S.; Heinzel, P.
Old and New Aspects of Prominence Physics from Coronal Observations 331 Koutchmy, S.; Filippov, B.; Lamy, P.
Spectral Diagnostics of Active Prominences 337 Labrosse, N.; Gouttebroze, P.; Vial, J.-C.
Modeling the Hemispheric Pattern of Solar Filaments 343 Mackay, D.H.; van Ballegooijen, A.A.
A MagneticMap of a Solar Filament 347 Merenda, L.; Trujillo Bueno, J.; Collados, M.
Coronagraphic Broad-Band Hα Observations 1998 – 2000 351 Meunier, N.; Noeens, J-C.; Romeuf, D.; Koutchmy, S.; Jimenez,R.; Wurmser, O.; Rochain, S.
Chromospheric Filament Network and Coronal Streamers 355 Pinter, T.; Rybansky, M.; Dorotovic, I.
Non-LTE Analysis of Lyman-Line Observations of a Filament with SUMER 359 Schwartz, P.; Schmieder, B.; Heinzel, P.
Part 5.
Chromospheric Flares
Chromospheric Flares 365 Hudson, H.
Observations and Modeling of Line Asymmetries in Chromospheric Flares 387 Berlicki, A.
The Spotless Flare of March 16, 1981 411 Borovik, A.V.; Myachin, D.Yu.
Radio Observations of the December 20, 2002 Flares 415 Cristiani, G.; De Benedetto e Silva, I.; Gimenez de Castro, C.G.; Mandrini, C.H.; Rovira, M.G.; Kaufmann, P.
The Origin of Solar White-Light Flares 417 Ding, M.D.
Energy Deposition in White Light Flares with TRACE and RHESSI 423 Fletcher, L.; Hannah, I.G.; Hudson, H.S.; Metcalf, T.R.
Balmer-Line Diagnostics of Accelerated Particles 431 Kashapova, L.K.; Kotrc, P.; Kupryakov, Yu.A.
Signatures of High-Energy Particles in Hα Emission Before the Solar Flare of August 16, 2004 437 Kashapova, L.K.; Zharkova, V.V.; Grechnev, V.V.
Hα with Heating by Particle Beams 441 Kasparova, J.; Varady, M.; Karlicky, M.; Heinzel, P.; Moravec, Z.
Spectroscopic Properties of Solar Flares in Different Lines 447 Li, H.; You, J.
Comparison of Hα and CaIIK fromflares 453 Klimes, J.; Markova, E.
Line Profile Asymmetries in Records from the Multichannel Flare Spectrograph 457 Prosecky, T.
Multiwavelength Study of the May 13, 2005 Flare Event 461 Rovira, M.G.; Simberova, S.; Karlicky, M.; Luoni, M.L.; Farnik, F.
Full-Stokes Observations and Analysis of He I 10830Å in a Flaring Region 467 Sasso, C.; Lagg, A.; Solanki, S.K.; Aznar Cuadrado, R.; Collados, M.
Return Current and Energy Deposit in Flares 473 Varady, M.; Karlicky, M.; Kasparova, J.
Part 6.
Long-term Solar Variations
Solar Cycle Variation of Chromospheric Radiation 481 Solanki, S.K.
Chromospheric Heating and Low-Chromosphere Modeling 499 Fontenla, J.M.; Balasubramaniam, K.S.; Harder, J.
Automation of Meudon Synoptic Maps 505 Aboudarham, J.; Scholl, I.; Fuller, N.; Fouesneau, M.; Galametz, M.; Gonon, F.; Maire, A.; Leroy, Y.
Regularities in the Distribution of Solar Magnetic Fields 511 Bumba, V.; Klvana, M.; Garcia, A.
Synoptic Observing at Big Bear Solar Observatory 515 Denker, C.; Naqvi, M.; Deng, N.; Tritschler, A.; Marquette, W.H.
COSIS: Coimbra Observatory Solar Information System 523 Dorotovic, I.; Fernandes, J.; Fonseca, J.M.; Mora, A.; Moreira, C.; Ribeiro, R.A.
North-South Asymmetry of CaIIK Plages 527 Dorotovic, I.; Journoud, P.; Rybak, J.; Sykora, J.
Solar Activity and Irradiance Studies with Ca II Spectroheliograms: Potential and Problems 533 Ermolli, I.; Tlatov, A.; Solanki, S.K.; Krivova, N.A.; Singh, J.
North–South Asymmetry of Solar Activity during Cycle 23 539 Joshi, B.; Pant, P.; Manoharan, P.K.; Pandey, K.
Is the MnI 539.4nm Variation with Activity Explained? 543 Vitas, N.; Vince, I.
Part 7.
Solar Physics Instrumentation
The Modernized Spectroheliograph at Coimbra 549 Klvana, M.; Garcia, A.; Bumba, V.
The Modernized Solar Spectrograph at Ondrejov 559 Kotrc, P.
Hα Observations at Modra-Piesok 569 Kulinova, A.; Dzifcakova, E.; Kalmancok, D.; Zigo, P.
Aperture Increase Options for the Dutch Open Telescope 573 Hammerschlag, R.H.; Bettonvil, F.C.M.; Jaegers, A.P.L.; Rutten, R.J.
THEMIS Instrumentation and Strategy for the Future 593 Gelly, B.
GREGOR: the New German Solar Telescope 605 Balthasar, H.; von der Luehe, O.; Kneer, F.; Staude, J.; Volkmer,R.; Berkefeld, T.; Caligari, P.; Collados, M.; Halbgewachs, C.; Heidecke,F.; Hofmann, A.; Klvana, M.; Nicklas, H.; Popow, E.; Puschmann,K.; Schmidt, W.; Sobotka, M.; Soltau, D.; Strassmeier, K.; Wittmann, A.
Tenerife Infrared Polarimeter II 611 Collados, M.; Lagg, A.; Diaz Garcia, J.J.; Hernandez Suarez, E.; Lopez Lopez, R.; Paez Mana, E.; Solanki, S.K.
Simulation of Magneto-Optical Filter Transmission Profiles 617 Severino, G.; Oliviero, M.; Landi Degli'Innocenti, E.
Solc Birefringent Filter for Various Interesting Lines 621 Melich, R.; Melich, Z.; Solc, I.
Measurement of the Polarization of the Flash Spectrum during a Total Solar Eclipse 627 Feller, A.; Ramelli, R.; Stenflo, J.O.; Gisler, D.
Chromospheric Science with the STEREO Mission 633 Vourlidas, A.
Chromospheric and Prominence Physics with the ASPIICS Formation Flying Coronagraph 639 Lamy, P.; Vives, S.; Koutchmy, S.; Arnaud, J.
Solar Orbiter: a Mission Update 645 Marsden, R.G.; Fleck, B.
Back Matter   
Volume 368 Back Matter 654 Heinzel, P.; Dorotovic, I.; Rutten, R.J.
Volume 368 Photographs 999 Heinzel, P.; Dorotovic, I.; Rutten, R.J.