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Paper: Automation of Meudon Synoptic Maps
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 505
Authors: Aboudarham, J.; Scholl, I.; Fuller, N.; Fouesneau, M.; Galametz, M.; Gonon, F.; Maire, A.; Leroy, Y.
Abstract: Thanks to the automatic solar features detection developed in the frame of the European EGSO (European Grid of Solar Observations) project, an important part of the automation of Meudon Synoptic Maps is achieved. Nevertheless, the tracking of these solar structures over time has still to be done to synthesize their evolution during a Carrington rotation. A new approach to track filaments, based on image segmentation and intersection of regions of interest, gives successful results, This is a major step to move towards a fully automatic building of Meudon Synoptic Maps of Solar Activity.
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