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Paper: ESMN in Memoriam (1998 2006)
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 21
Authors: Rutten, R.J.
Abstract: The EC-FP5 European Solar Magnetism Network (ESMN) was terminated during this conference. Together with its FP4 predecessor, the European Solar Magnetometry Network (ESMN), it funded 22 postdoc and 9 graduate-student appointments at nine solar physics groups in Western Europe, it enhanced Europe-wide collaboration in solar physics, and it contributed to the integration of East-European groups in West-European enterprises. Its unfortunate demise results from lack of further fortune in the FP6 lottery. The FP6-funded Utrecht-Stockholm-Oslo graduate school in solar physics represents offspring, the FP6 Solaire network is a partial replacement, and the EAST undertaking and pledge to build an EST is a most worthy FP7 stake. The ECs policy shifts from postdoc to predoc funding and from requiring (too) small to requiring (too) large consortia are criticized.
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