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Paper: Eightieth Anniversary of Solar Physics at Coimbra
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 3
Authors: Mouradian, Z.; Garcia, A.
Abstract: A few years after the invention of the spectroheliograph by G. E. Hale and H. Deslandres, Prof. F. M. da Costa Lobo from the University of Coimbra decided to construct a spectroheliograph, among the first ones in the world, at the beginning of the twentieth century (1907). Prof. da Costa Lobo got in touch with solar astronomers in Meudon. With their help and in order to study the structure of the solar chromosphere, he built in Coimbra a spectroheliograph identical to that in Meudon. In turn, French astronomers asked to complete their own collection of observations with that of Coimbra. Thus a cooperative program between both institutions started, the French partners being H. Deslandres and L. d’Azambuja. Since then, the processing of observations and drawings of synoptic maps of solar activity have mainly been based on Meudon and Coimbra observational material. This collaboration is certainly among one of the longest in astronomical studies, and marked the beginning of European scientific collaborations, at least between Portugal and France.
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