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Paper: Observations of Running Waves in a Sunspot Chromosphere
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 239
Authors: Bloomfield, D.S.; Lagg, A.; Solanki, S.K.
Abstract: Spectropolarimetric time series data of the primary spot of active region NOAA 9448 were obtained in the Si I 10827 Å line and the He I 10830 Å multiplet with the Tenerife Infrared Polarimeter. Throughout the time series the spectrograph slit was fixed over a region covering umbra, a light bridge, penumbra, and quiet sun. We present speeds of running penumbral waves in the chromosphere, their relation to both photospheric and chromospheric umbral oscillations, and their dependence on the magnetic field topology.
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