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Paper: Multiwavelength Analysis of a Quiet Solar Region
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 171
Authors: Tsiropoula, G.; Tziotziou, K.; Giannikakis, J.; Young, P.; Schuehle, U.; Heinzel, P.
Abstract: We present observations of a solar quiet region obtained by the ground-based Dutch Open Telescope (DOT), and by instruments on the spacecraft SOHO and TRACE. The observations were obtained during a coordinated observing campaign on October 2005. The aim of this work is to present the rich diversity of fine-scale structures that are found at the network boundaries and their appearance in different instruments and different spectral lines that span the photosphere to the corona. Detailed studies of these structures are crucial to understanding their dynamics in different solar layers, as well as the role such structures play in the mass balance and heating of the solar atmosphere.
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