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Paper: Propagating Waves in the Chromospheric Network
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 133
Authors: Goemoery, P.; Rybak, J.; Kucera, A.; Curdt, W.; Woehl, H.
Abstract: Wave modulation of ultraviolet emissions originated in and above quiet chromospheric network is studied. In particular, cross-correlation, wavelet analysis and phase difference analysis of the intensities as well as the Doppler shifts of emission lines of He I 584.33 Å (chromosphere), OV629.73 Å (transition region) and MgIX 368.07 Å (corona) are employed to study waves at different heights and their direction of propagation. The results are interpreted as evidence of compressive waves that propagate downward from the transition region to the chromosphere in the observed chromospheric network. Different scenarios regarding the origin and source localization of these waves are discussed.
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