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Paper: Horizontal Motion in the Vicinity of Sunspots
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 259
Authors: Sobotka, M.; Roudier, T.
Abstract: Many sunspots in late phases of evolution are surrounded by an annular “moat”, where systematic horizontal flows radially away from the sunspot are observed. Applying the local correlation tracking technique to series of white-light and 1600Å images acquired by the satellite TRACE, we use photospheric granules and C IV emission structures to track horizontal motions in the vicinity of sunspots of different sizes, shapes, and phases of evolution. We define the moat regions on the basis of horizontal motions. We present preliminary results about the relations between the sunspot types and the occurrence, areas, and velocities of the moats in the photosphere and chromosphere. Further we analyze observed asymmetries in moat shapes and velocities and their relation to the sunspot age and proper motion.
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