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Paper: Imaging of the HeD3/Hβ Emission Ratio in Quiescent Solar Prominences 321
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 321
Authors: Hirzberger, J.; Wiehr, E.; Stellmacher, G.
Abstract: Quiescent solar prominences have been observed simultaneously in profile-integrated HeD3 and Hβ emission with the SST on La Palma. The two-dimensional ratio maps of the HeD3 and Hβ intensities are used to study temporal variations of intrinsic prominence parameters. Sub-areas with substantial variation of the intensity distribution indicate the evolution of prominence structures. When the emission ratio remains unchanged, the evolving threads are of largely equal physical state. Other regions which show a temporal varying emission ratio indicate substancial evolution of the intrinsic physical conditions. We propose that distance variation between the threads affects different penetration of the EUV irradiation required for populating of the He triplet system.
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