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Paper: Energy Deposition in White Light Flares with TRACE and RHESSI
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 423
Authors: Fletcher, L.; Hannah, I.G.; Hudson, H.S.; Metcalf, T.R.
Abstract: In Fletcher et al. (2007) we investigated the white light (WL) continuum during solar flares and its relationship to energy deposition by electron beams. In 9 flare events, spanning GOES classifications from C4.8 to M9.1, we have high cadence TRACE WL and RHESSI hard X-ray observations, and compare the WL radiative power output with that provided by flare electrons. Under the thick–target model assumptions, we find that the electron beam must extend down to 15–20 keV, and the energy input to the chromosphere should occur within the collisional stopping depth of these electrons - approximately 2 × 10−4 g cm−2. In this short paper, we discuss some ideas on flare WL emission, summarise the results of the Fletcher et al. (2007) study and discuss their implications for chromospheric heating and white light flare emission.
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