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Paper: COSIS: Coimbra Observatory Solar Information System
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 523
Authors: Dorotovic, I.; Fernandes, J.; Fonseca, J.M.; Mora, A.; Moreira, C.; Ribeiro, R.A.
Abstract: Since 1926 full-disk spectroheliograms have been routinely taken in Coimbra Observatory in the Ca IIK line (K1 and K3) and in 1990 regular observations in the Hα line have also started. These observations are preformed by a spectroheliograph, a twin of the spectroheliograph operated at the Observatoire de Meudon. In 2002 we started to digitalize our collection of more than 30 000 solar images. In 2005 we started the project COSIS (Coimbra Observatory: Solar Information System). The purpose of COSIS1 is to develop a software tool for automatic image processing and feature recognition of sunspots (K1), chromospheric plages (K3), and filaments (Hα) for usage by astronomers and other interested parties. At this stage of the project only automatic image processing of sunspot is being performed and the first results are presented in this contribution. However, we intend in the future to extend the automatic feature recognition process to chromospheric spectroheliograms (K3 and Hα) as well.
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