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Paper: Solar Orbiter: a Mission Update
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 645
Authors: Marsden, R.G.; Fleck, B.
Abstract: The Solar Orbiter Mission will study the Sun in greater detail than ever before due the close proximity of the spacecraft as it orbits the Sun. At its closest point, Solar Orbiter will be about 0.22 AU from the Sun, closer than any other satellite to date. In addition to providing high-resolution images of the solar surface, perihelion passes at these distances occur in near co-rotation with the Sun, allowing the instruments to track features on the surface for several days. The mission profile also includes a high-latitude phase that will allow observations from up to 35° above the solar equator. The combination of near- Sun, quasi-heliosynchronous and high-latitude observations by remote-sensing and in-situ instruments makes Solar Orbiter a unique platform for the study of the links between the Sun and the inner heliosphere.
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