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Paper: Hα Observations at Modra-Piesok
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 569
Authors: Kulinova, A.; Dzifcakova, E.; Kalmancok, D.; Zigo, P.
Abstract: We describe the Hα solar telescope of the Astronomical and Geophysical Observatory (AGO) in Modra-Piesok in Slovakia. The instrument is a refractor with f = 304 cm and D = 8 cm and equipped with a broadband interference Hα filter. Its width has the advantages that coalignment with photospheric images is easier and that Dopplershifted features such as prominence legs do not shift out of the passband. The field of view is approximately 6 × 4 arcmin2. The daily observations are recorded on videotapes. The digitalized images are planned to be put on AGO webpage.
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