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Paper: Chromospheric Activity in K Stars
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 265
Authors: Vieytes, M.; Mauas, P.; Cincunegui, C.; Diaz, R.
Abstract: We computed chromospheric models for six stars of spectral type K, in most cases in two different moments of activity. The stars were chosen with 0.82 < B.V > 0.90 including the widely studied star ε Eridani. The stars in the sample have a wide variety of magnetic activity levels, which allows us to study the differences in structures induced by stellar activity, and expand our previous work for G stars including the Sun as a star. The models were constructed to obtain the best possible match with the Ca IIK and Hβ observed profiles. We also computed the net radiative losses for each model to constrain the heating mechanism to maintain the structure in the atmosphere predicted by the models. We find a strong correlation between these losses and SCa II, the index generally used as a proxy for activity, as we found for G stars.
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