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Paper: Is the MnI 539.4nm Variation with Activity Explained?
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 543
Authors: Vitas, N.; Vince, I.
Abstract: The photospheric MnI 539.4nm line in the solar spectrum shows unusual variability with the solar cycle in that its depth decreases with increasing activity. Doyle et al. (2001) claimed that this phenomenon is due to interlocking between the chromospheric MgII h & k lines and an overlapping MnI multiplet. In this contribution we test this hypothesis by synthesizing MnI 539.4nm line including these interlocking lines for a range of standard solar models and then combining resulting profiles without and with interlocking to emulate the fulldisk profile variation. We find that the interlocking gives only a minor contribution; the largest one comes from different temperature stratifications in the photospheric layers of the various models.
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