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Paper: Synoptic Observing at Big Bear Solar Observatory
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 515
Authors: Denker, C.; Naqvi, M.; Deng, N.; Tritschler, A.; Marquette, W.H.
Abstract: Synoptic solar observations in the chromospheric absorption lines Ca IIK and Hα have a long tradition at Big Bear Solar Observatory (BBSO). The advent of the New Solar Telescope (NST) will shift the focus of BBSO’s synoptic observing program toward high-resolution observations. We present an overview of the telescopes and instrumentation and show some of the most recent results. This includes Ca IIK data to track solar irradiance variations, Hα full-disk data to monitor eruptive events, Dopplergrams from two-dimensional spectroscopy, as well as image restorations of diffraction-limited quality.
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