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Paper: Signatures of High-Energy Particles in Hα Emission Before the Solar Flare of August 16, 2004
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 437
Authors: Kashapova, L.K.; Zharkova, V.V.; Grechnev, V.V.
Abstract: We study multi-spectral chromospheric and coronal emissions that appeared during the impulsive event occurring before the flare on 16 August 2004 observed by RHESSI, Large Solar Vacuum Telescope (Irkutsk), and Nobeyama Radioheliograph (NoRH, 17 and 34GHz). There are three separate sources detected: 1 in hard X-rays (RHESSI), two in microwaves (NoRH) (1 of which coincides with HXR) and one in Hα emission (3). The emission in all sources reveals a close (within 1 s) temporal correlation that can be only associated with precipitation of high-energy particles. Possible scenarios of particle precipitation and its effect on the observed signatures are discussed.
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