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Paper: Multiwavelength Study of the May 13, 2005 Flare Event
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 461
Authors: Rovira, M.G.; Simberova, S.; Karlicky, M.; Luoni, M.L.; Farnik, F.
Abstract: A global view to the flare evolution via the image data of various parts of electromagnetic spectra is introduced. Data from the ground-based observations in Hα (HASTA, El Leoncito, Argentina) and radio spectra in the 1-2-4.5GHz range (Radiospectrographs, Ond.rejov, Czech Republic) have been analyzed. As to the space observations, there were involved data of the event from SoHO (MDI, EIT, LASCO C2) and RHESSI (X-ray sources). Some results of possible relations among various layers of the Sunís atmosphere and following astrophysical interpretation are presented.
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