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Paper: Spectrophotometry of Ellerman Bombs with THEMIS
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 253
Authors: Pariat, E.; Schmieder, B.; Berlicki, A.; Lopez Ariste, A.
Abstract: During coordinated campaigns with THEMIS and space missions (TRACE, SOHO) emerging flux was observed in multi-wavelengths. Ellerman bombs (EBs) have been identified in TRACE 1600 Å and in chromospheric lines. The Hα and Ca II 8542 Å lines present two enhanced emission peaks respectively at 1 Å and at 0.35 Å which are signatures of EBs. Vector magnetic field measured in the photosphere are consistent with previous results indicating the presence of bald-patches under the EBs and consequently the emergence of horizontal flux tubes from below the photosphere.
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