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Paper: THEMIS Instrumentation and Strategy for the Future
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 593
Authors: Gelly, B.
Abstract: Imaging of the solar surface from ground based telescopes has achieved to be diffraction limited almost ten years ago, while diffraction-limited spectropolarimetry is, for obvious reasons of available flux, far from being reachable nowadays. Among the 1-meter class solar telescope currently in operation, THEMIS is the most specifically devoted to high-precision spectropolarimetry with an appealing level of specifications, some of them hardly to be find in any other telescopic installation. We shall discuss in this paper the recent evolution of this telescope toward more polarimetric efficiency and the use of modern detectors, in order to push further its possibilities in and hopefully contribute to open the path of a future large size solar European facility.
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