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Paper: Modeling the Hemispheric Pattern of Solar Filaments
Volume: 368, The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Page: 343
Authors: Mackay, D.H.; van Ballegooijen, A.A.
Abstract: New results in modeling the hemispheric pattern of solar filaments are presented. The simulations consider what type of chirality forms along the Polarity Inversion Line (PIL) lying in between two magnetic bipoles as they interact. The results demonstrate not only the origin of the dominant hemispheric pattern, but also why exceptions to it occur. The dominant hemispheric pattern may be attributed to the dominant range of bipole tilt angles and helicities in each hemisphere (Wang & Sheeley 1989; Pevtsov et al. 1995). Exceptions to the hemispheric pattern occur in cases of no initial helicity or for helicity of the minority type in each hemisphere, when large positive bipole tilt angles are used. As the simulations show a clear dependence of the chirality on observational quantities, this may be used to check the validity of the results.
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