Title: Pathways Through an Eclectic Universe
Volume: 390 Year: 2008 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Knapen, Johan; Mahoney, Terry; Vazdekis, Alexandre
This book contains the proceedings of a conference, held on 23-27 April in Tenerife, to discuss recent progress on star formation in galaxies. Presentations took into account advances in related areas such as the structure, dynamics, and evolution of galaxies, their stellar and dark matter components, central black holes as clues to their histories, the physics of the interstellar medium, and the feedback on all spatial scales between star formation and the host galaxy. This volume contains more than a hundred papers on these topics including invited reviews, invited and contributed talks, poster presentations, and two panel discussion sessions. These articles provide an in-depth assessment of the current state of the field, relate observations with theory, and link detailed studies of star formation in our own Galaxy with cosmology.

The conference was a celebration of John Beckman’s 40 years as an active astrophysicist. A number of varied contributions were made by John’s friends and associates, and some of these—in fields such as the history and philosophy of astronomy, or other branches of astronomy not related to the interaction of star formation and galaxy formation—are included in these proceedings.

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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 390 Cover Knapen, J.; Mahoney, T.; Vazdekis, A.
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Volume 390 Front Matter 1 Knapen, J.; Mahoney, T.; Vazdekis, A.
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Volume 390 Conference Photograph 2 Knapen, J.; Mahoney, T.; Vazdekis, A.
Session I.
The Star Formation Process
The IMF of Simple and Composite Populations 3 Kroupa, P.
From Massive Cores to Massive Stars 16 Krumholz, M.
Competitive Accretion and the Formation of Massive Stars 26 Bonnell, I.A.
Molecular Cloud Formation and Magnetic Fields in Spiral Galaxies 34 Dobbs, C.L.; Price, D.J.; Bonnell, I.A.
Star Cluster Formation 39 Smith, L.J.
Dynamical Masses of Young Star Clusters: Constraints on the Stellar IMF and Star Formation Efficiency 47 Bastian, N.
Star Formation in Molecular Clouds? 52 Evans, N.J. II
Infrared Bubbles: The Environments of Massive Stars 63 Churchwell, E.
Molecular Cloud Structure and the Origin of Stellar Masses 72 Alves, J.
The Formation of Extreme Mass Ratio Binary Stars: A Tribute to Eduardo Delgado Donate 76 Clarke, C.J.
Internal Chemo–dynamical Modeling of Gas Exchange within Galaxies and with their Environment 83 Hensler, G.; Recchi, S.; Kroeger, D.; Freyer, T.
Metals in HII Regions: The Determination of Chemical Abundances 92 Vílchez, J.M.
Collisional Enhancement of HI Lines in Ionized Nebulae 101 Luridiana, V.
Medium-term Variability in Emission from the Orion Nebula 106 Beckman, J.E.; Gutiérrez, L.; Giammanco, C.
Galactic Interstellar Gas Cloud Mass Functions: A Simple Quantitative Approach 108 Casuso, E.; Beckman, J.E.
The Effects of Spatially Distributed Ionization Sources on the Temperature Structure of HII Regions 110 Ercolano, B.
Determination of Time Dependence in the Temperature Structure of Ionized Interstellar Gas 111 Giammanco, C.; Gutiérrez, L.; Beckman, J.E.
Young Stellar Clusters in Nearby Spiral Galaxies 113 Grosbel, P.; Dottori, H.
Star Clusters as Diaries of Galaxies 115 Maschberger, Th.; Kroupa, P.
Modeling Dust Evolution in the Interstellar Medium 117 Zhukovska, S.; Gail, H.-P.
Session II.
Star Formation Rates
Star Formation Rate Determinations 121 Calzetti, D.
Circumnuclear Regions of Star Formation in Early-type Galaxies 134 Díaz, Á.I.; Terlevich, E.; Hägele, G.F.; Castellanos, M.
A Consistent Picture of Gas Kinematics within Nuclear Rings 139 Mazzuca, L.M.; Swaters, R.A.; Veilleux, S.; Knapen, J.H.
Star Formation and Molecular Gas in M83 144 Lundgren, A.A.; Olofsson, H.; Wiklind, T.; Beck, R.
The Schmidt Law: Is it Universal and What Are its Implications? 149 Kennicutt, R.C. Jr.
The Star Formation Law as a Function of Galactic Properties 161 Komugi, S.; Sofue, Y.; Onodera, S.; Egusa, F.; Muraoka, K.; Nakanishi, H.; Young, J.S.
Star Formation in Nuclear Rings 166 Böker, T.
GHaFaS: Galaxy Halpha Fabry–Perot Spectrometer for the WHT 168 Carignan, C.; Hernandez, O.; Beckman, J.E.; Fathi, K.
Molecular Gas and Star Formation in M81 170 Casasola, V.; Combes, F.; Galletta, G.; Bettoni, D.
Discovery of Four New Ultra-compact Nuclear Rings in Three Spiral Galaxies 172 Comerón, S.; Knapen, J.H.; Beckman, J.E.
A Statistical Study of Circumnuclear Morphology of Sigma-Drop Galaxies 174 Comerón, S.; Knapen, J.H.; Beckman, J.E.
Kinematic Analysis of the Double-Barred Galaxy NGC357 176 de Lorenzo-Cáceres, A.; Vazdekis, A.; Aguerri, J.A.L.
Star Formation Efficiency in Galaxy Interactions and Mergers: A Statistical Study 178 Di Matteo, P.; Combes, F.; Melchior, A.L.; Semelin, B.
Determination of Star Formation Timescale and Pattern Speed of Spiral Galaxies 180 Egusa, F.; Sofue, Y.; Komugi, S.; Nakanishi, H.
Fabry–Perot Interferometry and Spiral Galaxy Dynamics 182 Fathi, K.; Beckman, J.E.; Carignan, C.; Hernandez, O.
The Evolution of Supernova Remnants in the M82 Central Starburst 184 Fenech, D.; Muxlow, T.W.B.; Pedlar, A.; Beswick, R.; Argo, M.K.
Disentangling Interacting Galaxy Pairs and Entangling Them Back 186 Fuentes-Carrera, I.; Amram, P.; Balkowski, C.; Flores, H.; Puech, M.; Yang, Y.; Rosado, M.; Hernández-Toledo, H.
Interactions and Star Formation in Galaxies 188 Knapen, J.H.; James, P.A.
Interactions and Star Formation Activity in Wolf–Rayet Galaxies 190 López-Sánchez, A.R.; Esteban, C.
Integral Field Spectroscopy of Nearby Starbursts 192 Monreal-Ibero, A.; Muñoz-Tuñón, C.; Caon, N.; Cairós, L.M.; Melo, V.; García-Lorenzo, B.; Weilbacher, P.; Tenorio-Tagle, G.; Roth, M.M.
Calibration of Star Formation Rate Tracers with Population Synthesis Models: The LX/LFIR Ratio 194 Otí-Floranes, H.; Mas-Hesse, J.M.
Converting Hα Luminosities into Star Formation Rates 196 Pflamm-Altenburg, J.; Weidner, C.; Kroupa, P.
Two Extremely Compact Starbursts Inhabiting Clusters of Galaxies: Abell 539 and Abell 634 198 Reverte, D.; Vílchez, J.M.; Hernández-Fernández, J.D.; Iglesias-Páramo, J.
Supernovae and Star Formation in the ULIRG Arp 220 200 Thrall, S.
Session III.
Star Formation Histories
The Role of Starbursts in the Star Formation History of the Universe 205 González Delgado, R.M.
Recent Star Formation in Nearby Early-type Galaxies 218 Sarzi, M.; Bacon, R.; Cappellari, M.; Davies, R.L.; de Zeeuw, P.T.; Emsellem, E.; Falcón-Barroso, J.; Krajnovic, D.; Kuntschner, H.; McDermid, R.M.; Peletier, R.F.; van de Ven, G.
Towards a New Classification of Early-type Galaxies: An Integral-field View 227 Falcón-Barroso, J.; Bacon, R.; Cappellari, M.; Davies, R.L.; de Zeeuw, P.T.; Emsellem, E.; Krajnovic, D.; Kuntschner, H.; McDermid, R.M.; Peletier, R.F.; Sarzi, M.; van de Ven, G.
On Classical and Pseudo-bulges: The Nature of Bulges of Early-type Spirals 232 Peletier, R.F.
The Star Formation History of Late-type Galaxies 242 James, P.A.; Prescott, M.
Three Types of Galaxy Disks 247 Pohlen, M.; Erwin, P.; Trujillo, I.; Beckman, J.E.
The Outer Structure of Galactic Disks: Connections Between Bars, Disks, and Environments 251 Erwin, P.; Pohlen, M.; Beckman, J.E.; Gutiérrez, L.; Aladro, R.
Resolving the Age–Metallicity Degeneracy 255 Vazdekis, A.
Disky Nuclei in Early- to Intermediate-type Disk Galaxies 264 Balcells, M.
The Origin of Star Formation since z = 1 268 Hammer, F.; Puech, M.; Yang, Y.B.; Flores, H.
The ACS LCID Project: Old Main Sequence Turnoff Photometry of Isolated Local Group Dwarf Galaxies 278 Gallart, C.
Distinguishing Active Galactic Nuclei and Star Formation 283 Groves, B.; Kewley, L.
Classification of Galaxies by Their Radial Profiles: Unbarred Early Types 288 Aladro, R.; Gutiérrez, L.; Erwin, P.; Beckman, J.E.
The Structural Properties of a Sample of Blue Compact Galaxies 290 Amorín, R.O.; Aguerri, J.A.L.; Muñoz-Tuñón, C.
The Calcium Triplet Gradient of M32 292 Cenarro, A.J.; Cardiel, N.; Gorgas, J.
Dark Matter in Low Mass Surface Density Galaxies 294 Chemin, L.; Carignan, C.; Amram, P.
Low Luminosity Early-type Galaxies in the NGC128 Group 296 Chilingarian, I.; Sil’chenko, O.; Afanasiev, V.; Prugniel, P.
Properties of HI-selected Galaxies: The Contribution of Gas-rich, LSB Galaxies to the Local Universe 298 García-Appadoo, D.A.; West, A.A.; Dalcanton, J.J.; Disney, M.J.
A Preliminary Budget for the Ionizing Photons in the HII Regions of M51 300 Gutiérrez, L.; Beckman, J.E.
Age, Metallicity and α-element Abundances in Stellar Populations 302 Koleva, M.; Gupta, R.; Prugniel, Ph.; Singh, H.
Ansae in Barred Galaxies 304 Martinez-Valpuesta, I.; Knapen, J.H.; Buta, R.
The Cepheid Variable Population in the Local Group Dwarf Irregular Galaxy Pegasus 306 Meschin, I.; Gallart, C.; Cassisi, S.; Aparicio, A.; Rosenberg, A.
Stellar Populations in Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies 308 Michielsen, D.; Koleva, M.; De Rijcke, S.; Zeilinger, W.W.; Prugniel, P.; Dejonghe, H.; Pasquali, A.; Ferreras, I.; Debattista, V.P.
The Role of Star Formation in Nitrogen Abundance Evolution 310 Mollá, M.; Vílchez, J.M.; Díaz, Á.I.; Gavilán, M.
A New Grid of Evolutionary Synthesis Models 312 Mollá, M.; García-Vargas, M.L.; Bressan, A.; Gómez-Álvarez, P.
Stellar Line-strength Index Gradients along Bars 314 Pérez, I.; Sánchez-Blázquez, P.; Zurita, A.
What Hydrodynamical Simulations Tell Us about the Radial Properties of the Stellar Populations in Ellipticals 316 Pipino, A.; D’Ercole, A.; Matteucci, F.
Evolution of the Mass–Metallicity Relation from IMAGES 318 Rodrigues, M.; Flores, H.; Hammer, F.; Liang, Y.C.
Comparison of Bar Strengths in the Optical and Near-infrared 320 Speltincx, T.; Laurikainen, E.; Salo, H.; Buta, R.J.; Knapen, J.H.
The Pattern Speeds of NGC6946 322 Toonen, S.; Fathi, K.; Falcón-Barroso, J.; Beckman, J.E.; de Zeeuw, P.T.
The Gemini Library of Late Spectral Templates for Stellar Kinematics Analysis in the CO 2.3 μm Region 324 Winge, C.; Riffel, R.A.; Storchi-Bergmann, T.
Stellar Populations of Nearby Elliptical Galaxies 326 Yamada, Y.; Arimoto, N.; Vazdekis, A.; Peletier, R.F.
New Clues to Unveiling the Recent Massive Star Formation History in the Bar of NGC1530 328 Zurita, A.; Pérez, I.; Relaño, M.
Panel Discussion I. Star Formation in Galaxies: How Do We Continue? 330 Knapen, J.H.
Session IV.
Feedback and Infall
Feedback in Galaxy Formation . 339 Silk, J.
The Earliest Star Formation History: Learning from Globular Cluster Systems 349 Kissler-Patig, M.
On the Origin of Early-type Galactic Nuclei 354 Capuzzo-Dolcetta, R.; Miocchi, P.
Galactic Disk Warps due to Intergalactic Accretion Flows onto the Disk 359 López-Corredoira, M.; Betancort-Rijo, J.; Beckman, J.E.
Total Contribution of the Warm/Hot Intergalactic Medium to the X-ray Background 364 Soltan, A.M.
Infall and Accretion 369 Combes, F.
Gas Feedback and Angular Momentum Redistribution in Barred Galaxies within Dark Matter Halos 382 Berentzen, I.; Shlosman, I.; Martínez-Valpuesta, I.; Heller, C.H.
Observations of Complex H, a High Velocity Cloud Close to the Galactic Plane 384 Buenrostro, V.; Lockman, J.; Beckman, J.E.
Triggering of Cloud Collapse in a Galactic Disk by Infall of a High Velocity Cloud 386 Casuso, E.; Beckman, J.E.; Buenrostro, V.
Supernova Feedback in Galaxy Formation 388 Dubois, Y.; Teyssier, R.
FUSE and Chandra Observations of VV114 and Haro 11: Feedback in Local Lyman Break Analogs 390 Grimes, J.; Heckman, T.; Strickland, D.
Feeding Active Galaxies: Gas Dynamics from the Outskirts to the Very Center 392 Haan, S.; Schinnerer, E.; Mundell, C.G.; Combes, F.; García-Burillo, S.; Emsellem, E.
Tidal Tails around Globular Clusters 394 Montuori, M.; Capuzzo-Dolcetta, R.; Di Matteo, P.; Miocchi, P.
High Redshift Radio Galaxies: AGN Feedback in Extreme Starbursts 396 Nesvadba, N.P.H.; Lehnert, M.D.; De Breuck, C.; Gilbert, A.; van Breugel, W.
Mapping the Roots of the Galactic Wind in NGC1569 with the Gemini GMOS IFU 398 Westmoquette, M.S.; Exter, K.M.; Smith, L.J.; Gallagher, J.S.
Session V.
Galaxy Evolution
The Assembly History of Massive Galaxies: What Do We Know? 403 Conselice, C.J.
Strong Size Evolution of the Most Massive Galaxies since z ∼ 2 416 Trujillo, I.; Conselice, C.J.
Evolution of Dust Attenuation and Star Formation Activity from z = 0.7 to z = 0.2 for a Sample of UV-selected Galaxies 421 Iglesias-Páramo, J.; Hernández-Fernández, J.; Buat, V.; Burgarella, D.; Boselli, A.; Xu, C.K.; Takeuchi, T.T.
The Redshift Evolution of Bulges and Disks of Spiral Galaxies in COSMOS 426 Sheth, K.; Spalsbury, L.; Scoville, N.; the COSMOS Collaboration
The Physical Properties of Lyman Break Galaxies at z > 5: Outflows and the “Pre-enrichment Problem” 431 Lehnert, M.D.; Bremer, M.; Verma, A.; Douglas, L.; Förster Schreiber, N.
The FIR–Radio Relationship at High and Low Redshifts 435 Vlahakis, C.; Eales, S.; Dunne, L.
Disk–Halo Interplay in Galaxy Evolution 440 Shlosman, I.
Formation and Evolution of Bulges 454 Athanassoula, E.; Martínez-Valpuesta, I.
Boxy/Peanut Bulges and Stellar Bars 463 Martínez-Valpuesta, I.; Athanassoula, E.
Downsizing in Elliptical Galaxies: Some Clues from Self-consistent Hydrodynamical Simulations 468 Domínguez-Tenreiro, R.; Oñorbe, J.; Serna, A.; González-García, A.C.
Primordial Light Element Abundances 472 Molaro, P.
Where Are the Missing Baryons and Metals? 483 Pagel, B.E.J.
A Quantitative Analysis of the Morphology of Star Formation in Galaxies at Different Redshifts 489 Azzollini, R.; Beckman, J.E.
Self-consistent Models of Triaxial Cuspy Galaxies with Dark Matter Halos 491 Capuzzo-Dolcetta, R.; Leccese, L.; Merritt, D.; Vicari, A.
Hot GRB-selected Submillimeter Galaxies 493 Michalowski, M.J.; Hjorth, J.; Castro Cerón, J.M.; Watson, D.
The ALHAMBRA Survey 495 Moles, M.; Aguerri, J.A.L.; Alfaro, E.J.; Benítez, N.; Broadhurst, T.; Cabrera-Caño, J.; Castander, F.J.; Cepa, J.; Cerviño, M.; Fernández Soto, A.; González Delgado, R.M.; Infante, L.; Martínez, V.J.; Masegosa, J.; Márquez, I.; del Olmo, A.; Perea, J.; Prada, F.; Quintana, J.M.; Sánchez, S.F.
The Luminous Matter Profiles in Ellipticals since z ∼ 1.5: The Photometric Plane and its Evolution 498 Oñorbe, J.; Domínguez-Tenreiro, R.; Serna, A.
Modeling the Formation and Evolution of Disk Galaxies 500 Stringer, M.J.; Benson, A.J.
IMAGES I. Classification of Galaxy Kinematics since z = 1 502 Yang, Y.; Flores, H.; Hammer, F.; Neichel, B.; Puech, M.; Nesvadba, N.
Panel Discussion II. Reconciling Observations and Modeling of Star Formation at High Redshifts 504 Knapen, J.H.
Session VI.
An Eclectic Look at Stellar Compositions 517 Lambert, D.L.
Bolivia y América Latina: Tendencias de su desarrollo económico, social, y político (Bolivia and Latin America: Trends in Economic, Social, and Political Development) 529 Quiroga Blanco, C.
Biogas at 4000m above Sea Level: The pioneering work of Tecnologías en Desarrollo 543 Beckman, J.E.; Campero, O.
Cosmology Between Physics and Philosophy—Galileo to Einstein 547 Büttner, J.; Renn, J.
Pathways through Interstellar Matter: From the Closest Stars to the Most Distant Quasars 562 Vladilo, J.
An Eclectic Summary of an Eclectic Conference 570 Edmunds, M.G.
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Volume 390 Back Matter 586 Knapen, J.; Mahoney, T.; Vazdekis, A.
Volume 390 Photographs 999 Knapen, J.; Mahoney, T.; Vazdekis, A.