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Paper: High Redshift Radio Galaxies: AGN Feedback in Extreme Starbursts
Volume: 390, Pathways Through an Eclectic Universe
Page: 396
Authors: Nesvadba, N.P.H.; Lehnert, M.D.; De Breuck, C.; Gilbert, A.; van Breugel, W.
Abstract: We present the initial results of an ongoing study to identify the fingerprints of powerful AGN feedback during the formation epoch of massive galaxies at high redshift by tracing the dynamics of their optical emission line gas through integral field spectroscopy. In a small sample of radio galaxies at z = 2– 3.5, we find energetic outflows of ∼109−10M of ionized gas being driven out with velocities of up to 1000 kms−1. Geometry, timescale, and energy arguments indicate the outflows are related to the AGN and are probably driven through the mechanical energy of the radio jet. With kinetic energies of ≥ 1060 erg, sufficient to unbind significant gas masses, these outflows will potentially escape even the most massive halos.
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