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Paper: On Classical and Pseudo-bulges: The Nature of Bulges of Early-type Spirals
Volume: 390, Pathways Through an Eclectic Universe
Page: 232
Authors: Peletier, R.F.
Abstract: Historically, galactic bulges are thought to be elliptical galaxy-like objects sitting in the middle of a generally larger disk. There are, however, more and more claims that some bulges are much more similar to disks. John Kormendy has named these pseudo-bulges. In this paper I discuss some recent integral field spectroscopy of the SAURON collaboration on a sample of 24 Sa and Sab galaxies. Using their two-dimensional maps of the stellar velocity, velocity dispersion, and absorption line strength, it is now much easier to understand the nature of nearby galactic bulges. I review several aspects of bulges, namely the surface photometry, stellar kinematics, stellar populations, the presence of interstellar matter, and their behavior in the fundamental plane of early-type galaxies.
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