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Paper: Downsizing in Elliptical Galaxies: Some Clues from Self-consistent Hydrodynamical Simulations
Volume: 390, Pathways Through an Eclectic Universe
Page: 468
Authors: Domínguez-Tenreiro, R.; Oñorbe, J.; Serna, A.; González-García, A.C.
Abstract: We report on the links among the dissipation rate history, the star formation rate history, and the history of mass assembly in a sample of elliptical-like objects (ELOs) identified, at z = 0, in a set of self-consistent hydrodynamical simulations operating in a cosmological context. These simulations provide clues on the physical processes involved in elliptical formation. They indicate that most of the dissipation involved in the mass assembly of a given ELO occurs in a violent early phase at high z and on very short timescales, as a consequence of ELO assembly out of gaseous material and its transformation into stars. It turns out that the dissipation rate history is reflected by the star formation rate history (very high in this early phase). During the later slower phase of mass assembly, ELO stellar mass growth essentially occurs without any dissipation through mergers, and the star formation rate substantially decreases. We briefly discuss some observational implications of this scenario for ELO formation unveiled by our simulations, and in particular the downsizing effect.
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