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Paper: A Quantitative Analysis of the Morphology of Star Formation in Galaxies at Different Redshifts
Volume: 390, Pathways Through an Eclectic Universe
Page: 489
Authors: Azzollini, R.; Beckman, J.E.
Abstract: Here, we present briefly the methodology we have implemented to study the spatial distribution of massive star formation in galaxies. To do this, we analyze a sample of 759 galaxies in a range of redshifts extending up to z ∼ 1. We use data from different surveys, which span in wavelength from FUV to NIR (GALEX, COMBO17, and GOODS-HST). The aim is to develop methodology which can be used to help decide between different basic models of galaxy formation using the spatial distribution of star formation within galaxies as the test parameter. In situ knowledge of the star formation distribution as a function of redshift will be a valuable counterpart to population synthesis studies, which at best integrate this kind of information over long periods.
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