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Paper: Ansae in Barred Galaxies
Volume: 390, Pathways Through an Eclectic Universe
Page: 304
Authors: Martinez-Valpuesta, I.; Knapen, J.H.; Buta, R.
Abstract: Many barred galaxies show a set of symmetric enhancements at the ends of the stellar bar, called the ansae, or “handles”, of the bar. In this poster, we make a quantitative analysis of the occurrence of ansae in barred galaxies, making use of The de Vaucouleurs Atlas of Galaxies by Buta and collaborators. We find that ∼40% of SB0s show ansae in their bars, thus confirming that ansae are common features in barred lenticulars. The ansae frequency decreases dramatically with later types, and hardly any ansae are found in galaxies of type Sb or later.
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