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Paper: The Redshift Evolution of Bulges and Disks of Spiral Galaxies in COSMOS
Volume: 390, Pathways Through an Eclectic Universe
Page: 426
Authors: Sheth, K.; Spalsbury, L.; Scoville, N.; the COSMOS Collaboration
Abstract: We present a preliminary analysis of the bulge and disk properties for a sample of over 4000 L* spiral galaxies at z < 0.84 from the COSMOS 2 square degree survey. We find that for early Hubble type spiral galaxies (Sa–Sb), the bulge-to-disk ratio is roughly constant over the last 7Gyr of lookback time. This suggests that bulges of early type spirals were in place early on, consistent with other downsizing signatures. There is a monotonic increase in the bulge-to-disk ratios of late type spirals but that likely reflects the well-known decline in the star formation rate from z ∼ 1 to the present. For this sample of L* spirals, we also find that the median exponential scale length of disks remains unchanged at 3.1 kpc from z = 0.0 to z = 0.84.
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