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Paper: Infall and Accretion
Volume: 390, Pathways Through an Eclectic Universe
Page: 369
Authors: Combes, F.
Abstract: Gas infall and accretion play a fundamental role in galaxy formation, and several processes of accretion are reviewed. In particular cold accretion may solve to some extent the angular momentum problem in disk formation, while it is aggravated by mergers. Gas accretion is one of the main actors in secular evolution: it is required to account for recurrent bar formation, and to explain the feedback cycles of formation of bulges and black holes, with correlated masses. Infall is also required to fuel a regular and almost stationary star formation history. Star formation is quenched for galaxies in clusters when gas accretion is suppressed through stripping. The brighter central galaxy can benefit, however, from gas accretion through cooling flows moderated by AGN feedback. Hot and cold feedback scenarios can be considered, to account for a stationary cooling flow, and to explain the observed filamentary CO and Hα structures.
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