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Paper: Observations of Complex H, a High Velocity Cloud Close to the Galactic Plane
Volume: 390, Pathways Through an Eclectic Universe
Page: 384
Authors: Buenrostro, V.; Lockman, J.; Beckman, J.E.
Abstract: Using 21 cm observations of Complex H with the Green Bank Radio Telescope, we have derived its LSR velocity of ∼200 kms−1 and an HI mass of 7.5 × 107M. This gives useful support to the scenario in which the Galactic disk is being built up by the continual accretion of clouds of this type from the intracluster medium of the Local Group. Complex H is detected as shedding a gas tail, and has a shock front at its leading surface, both phenomena attributable to its interaction with the halo gas of the Milky Way.
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